The Angels Protect Me

Enough! I go!             Sad. But with the angels who protect me.             Sad. Leaving my roots. Leaving my family.             But It comforts me to give             my daughter             a better life. SAFE. I have faith in God             They will             not             be able to beat me. Mother 8-26-15 Ya Me... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Dreams

My dreams are to see My children Grow up Strong, Healthy Happy. My dream is that they love God. * My dreams also are for All of the children of the world. To be happy. Not to suffer. To be together With Their Parents. * The same I ask for all my family To be... Continue Reading →

My Reasons for Leaving

My Reasons for Leaving I left Honduras Running in fear from my husband. I suffered much   domestic   violence. My children suffered too. Many times. The gangs molested my daughter. Many times. They did evil things to her. We have suffered enough. I am very sad when I remember all  the  suffering my   husband   caused. He... Continue Reading →

My Arrival to the U. S. A.

My Arrival to the U.S.A. We arrived at the hielera—the refrigerator On September 3rdMy birthday. It was the worst birthday of my life. Shut up. Confined. Shaking in cold. Sleeping on the floor. Hungry. My son asked to leave there. It was so very cold. My son said: ‘It would have been better if we... Continue Reading →

My Journey through Mexico

My Journey through Mexico On the fourth of August The bus crossed into Mexico. Then the journey became   very   difficult. We conducted ourselves like animals Not like the persons we are. We traveled only at night. So that the delinquents would not find us. Without eating. Without sleeping With thirst.             We did not have... Continue Reading →

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