I want Unforgettable Good Memories

I want Unforgettable Good Memories Christmas means the whole family being together red and green decorations visiting friends saying ‘Happy Christmas’ to all. * Decorating the house with lights. Shopping for new clothing to welcome the New Year. Decorating the house. Making bread with chicken to share with friends and family. * In my new... Continue Reading →

The Food is Special at Christmas

The Food is Special at Christmas Christmas colors are red and great But I prefer purple, gold, and blue. * The food is special and very important. Chicken and turkey tamales Special Sandwiches Potato salad Rice with vegetables Many deserts Many beverages Fruit * Visiting the family is important and very special. Visiting the church... Continue Reading →

Christmas Means…

Christmas Means… Tamales Friends and family The birth of Jesus Decorating the Christmas tree Greeting friends and family. * My dreams are for my children To live in this country safe without fear. I pray for blessings from Jesus Christ. Mother 12-1-15 My Favorite Christmas  

I Left Without Anything

I Left Without Anything Enough! I go! I left without anything. I left my country. All the violence. There is no security. So much evil covers the land where I was born. I seek a safer place for my daughter. Where she can live without fear without death threats. Where she can attend school safely.... Continue Reading →

The Angels Protect Me

The Angels Protect Me Enough! I go!             Sad. But with the angels who protect me.             Sad. Leaving my roots. Leaving my family.             But It comforts me to give             my daughter             a better life. I have faith in God             They will             not             be able to beat me. Mother... Continue Reading →

The Heart Feels

The heart is the organ that feels all the pain all the sadness. I prefer to feel much love much joy. My heart is very healthy. My heart is very strong. I want to kill all the bad memories. I want to be happy. Mother 7-29-15 Letters Home

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