God is With Us

God is with us. God helped us to arrive safely. God gives us life. God gives us light. He is our Pastor. * Without God We are nothing. God gives us Life Health Strength. God helped us to arrive here Safe. God is with us. Always. Maria 3-15-16 My Journey from There to Here

A Letter to Mr. President

Esteemed Mr. President, I supposed that there is a much better world for the persons who are mistreated. There is so much violence in our country El Salvador. I want our lives to be very different without fear. The is a much better world. Some place safe. Free from fear. Teenager 3-15-16 My (Kids) Journey... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Love

I have much to fear. I cannot return to my country. I fear for My greatest love My Daughter. She and I have suffered much. The gangs want to violate and kill My Daughter. I asked God to help us… …to grant us asylum. I do not want to be …abused …mistreated …killed. Even less…... Continue Reading →

For My Daughter

  For My Daughter I fell in love. Time passed. I was pregnant. The father disappeared. My parents took me in. * In May 2008 a sister was born. My daughter. Marllely Already she is 7 years old. * My mother helped with much. She gave me a good example to follow to be a... Continue Reading →

Tears of Sadness

Lagrimas de Tristeza—Tears of Sadness My story is very difficult to record. I will try to share but at times I will shed tears of sadness. * My children suffered from The bad person Who Was Their Father. * Psychological abuse. Threats. Foul language. Physical abuse. He beat them. He beat me. I lost my... Continue Reading →

I Fear for My Daughter

I fear for my daughter to be VIOLATED. * The gang took her private parts of my daughter in the streets her breasts. They shout vulgar words To my daughter And to me. * They came to our house. They pulled guns. They separated us… My daughter suffers Sexual Harassment DAILY. * The gangs use... Continue Reading →

They Ransacked My Store

I flee from Honduras. I am a person of Many years. I belong to community organizations To help To Protect My Neighbors. * For 10 years I owned A small clothing store. The delinquents Robbed My Store. 2012. * I took a loan To continue Working. Three years later… …they ransacked my store. Again. Leaving... Continue Reading →

A Mother Protecting Her Son

A Mother Protecting Her Son I am a mother who wants to protect her son. The gangs threatened him to death. First they molested him. then They robbed him 2 times. then They demanded extortion money. then They demanded he must leave school get a tattoo join the street gang. To my son they threatened... Continue Reading →

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