I Left in Fear

I left my country in fear. El Salvador. I do not want to return. I ask God to guard us. Today. Always. I thank God for having health encouragement hope. God always lives within me. Mother 8-26-15 Ya! Me voy. (Enough! I go!)

My Greatest Wish

My Greatest Wish My greatest wish: to leave family detention. I want to give my daughter a better life. I trust God to leave here (family detention) to do all God promised me. * I want to have a good heart. I want my daughter to be happy. I want us both to live safe... Continue Reading →

The Hielera was Horrible

A father shared his experience upon arrival to the US to request asylum: The hielera was horrible. Cold. We ate frozen sandwiches. We drank Aqua Pura. Five days. We did not bathe. We could not brush our teeth. Cold. Sleeping on the floor. Crowded. Cramped. Very, very cold. My daughter suffered. The hielera is a... Continue Reading →

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