What Happens Next?

Artwork from Travis Park Church migrant hospitality March -July 2019. When do I see a lawyer?             What happens next? When do I get asylum?             Where do I go?             What do I do? Who will help me?             When do I go to court? I can’t read the papers immigration gave us.            ... Continue Reading →

The Mean Man at Dilley

Artwork from Travis Park Church Migrant Hospitality March-July 2019 The clothes they gave me are too small.             The shoes don’t fit.             My feet stick out the back. When I asked the man at Dilley             for a bigger size He yelled at me. * The mean man at Dilley always shouts at us.... Continue Reading →

Horrible for My Daughter

Artwork from Travis Park Church Migrant Hospitality March-July 2019 The hielera was horrible for my daughter.             She is four years old. The food was bad.             And it was cold in there. My daughter cried and cried. I could do nothing to help her.             Nothing. We were in the hielera five days.            ... Continue Reading →

We Walked All the Way

A mother's story about her journey. We did not use a coyote. The coyote is expensive.             We walked alone. All the way through Mexico. I asked people to point the way. Then we walked. Then I asked the next people.             We followed their directions We walked all the way through Mexico.                                     Mother... Continue Reading →

We Did Not Use a Coyote

We traveled by bus.             It took eight days. I arrived at the border at Tijuana.             I asked for asylum. * I did not have enough money             to pay for a coyote. I don’t know how much it costs             but I did not have the money.                                     Mother Seeking Asylum 4-4-17                                    ... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Suffered

Mariposa: The Symbol of Freedom My daughter suffered             in the hielera and then the perrera. When we cross the river.             Immigration found us. They kept us outside for three hours.             I asked for asylum. Then they brought us to the hielera.             I asked to see a doctor             for my daughter.... Continue Reading →

Strength and Courage

My Journey to the USA I do not know where             my strength and courage come from.  But I do know             my son makes me stronger. He refreshes me again and again. For my son             I have strength to endure             and to persevere. No matter what the risk             my son gives... Continue Reading →

God is With Us

God is with us. God helped us to arrive safely. God gives us life. God gives us light. He is our Pastor. * Without God We are nothing. God gives us Life Health Strength. God helped us to arrive here Safe. God is with us. Always. Maria 3-15-16 My Journey from There to Here

A Letter to Mr. President

Esteemed Mr. President, I supposed that there is a much better world for the persons who are mistreated. There is so much violence in our country El Salvador. I want our lives to be very different without fear. The is a much better world. Some place safe. Free from fear. Teenager 3-15-16 My (Kids) Journey... Continue Reading →

A Single Mother Saving Her Son

I am a single mother. I must save my son. My husband beat me. I left him. Already he has made his life with another person. We have no support. The gangs know this. They threatened us. The gangs are called: “The Twins” “Chala” We made the decision to seek shelter In the United States.... Continue Reading →

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