Christmas Preparations

Preparations began three days before Christmas.

I went with my children

            to buy the tree and decorations

            to buy the food for cooking on Christmas.

With my mother

            we prep eared the meat for tamales.

            and the banana leaves also.

Early on Christmas morning with my mother

            we made the tamales.

            We also made fruit punch.


Later in the day

            with my children

            we changed into very pretty clothing.

Then at 7 in the evening

            we went to church

            to look for God.


When it was night

            we went to our homes

            to eat the Christmas feast.

It was a beautiful time with the family.

            Eating. Sharing. Playing. Remembering.

We gave thanks for everything God had done

            in our lives

            in our hearts.


My Christmas wish this year:

To continue the struggle to be in this country.

To work hard to be able to help my children

            and also my mother.

Over everything else

            I want us to be together as a family.


I am walking with God.

I have my family in the hands of God.

God covers them with protection.

I give thanks for my precious children.

            I love my children.

I declare that I will be with my brother

            this Christmas.


(while detained inside GEO Karnes)

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