Christmas with My Family

[Last year…] I spent Christmas with my family

            with my brother

            and his family

            and my dear Rosa.

We cooked desserts and chicken.

            My brother made the salads.

We spent Christmas very well with my family.


This year I would like to spend Christmas

            with my mother.

I have not seen her in nineteen years.

I also want to spend Christmas

            with my father

            and all my brothers and sisters.


Mommy I do not lose faith

            on this date, December 25th

I am going to be with you.

I long to touch your skin

            to give you a big hug.

I have been missing you so much.


I also have been missing my father.

The he lives in heaven

            and cannot be with us in person.

He is always going to be watching after us

            from heaven.

He watches overall all of us.                                                


[While detained at GEO Karnes]

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