A Christmas without Food

I spent last Christmas very sad.             There was no food. But             I gave thanks to God for spending Christmas with my children.             They are my reason for life. * The traditional foods in Guatemala:             tamales with chicken             chocolate cupcakes             apples. They burn rockets in the sky in celebration. *... Continue Reading →

Christmas Preparations

Preparations began three days before Christmas. I went with my children             to buy the tree and decorations             to buy the food for cooking on Christmas. With my mother             we prep eared the meat for tamales.             and the banana leaves also. Early on Christmas morning with my mother             we made the... Continue Reading →

Christmas in El Salvador

Christmas night was unforgettable. I spent it with all my family. We went to church together. We ate a good supper             bread with chicken             steak             many refreshments. Together with my family on Christmas. * But now it is going to be             very different             far from home. We cannot be together... Continue Reading →

Christmas with My Family

[Last year…] I spent Christmas with my family             with my brother             and his family             and my dear Rosa. We cooked desserts and chicken.             My brother made the salads. We spent Christmas very well with my family. * This year I would like to spend Christmas             with my mother. I have... Continue Reading →

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