The Gang Robbed My Bank Account: They Took It All

Today I left the bank.

            It was 1:20 in the afternoon.

Three women were in front of the park.

            They surrounded me.

            They touched me.

            They brought me to some men.

The men touched me too.

They told me to accompany them

            back to the bank.

I told them I could not do that.

While this was happening

            I did not notice when

They took my purse.


They forced me to go back to the bank.

            I brought my bank book inside.

            I went to the place to withdraw money.

They forced me to withdraw 28,000 Lempiras. [$1,148 US]

            Leaving me nothing.


It was extortion money for my son.

            To protect his life.

            To keep him out of the gang.

Now I have nothing left.

            No more money to pay to protect him.

We left for the United States the next day.

            We ask for protection here.

                                    Mother 4-15-19 At the Greyhound Bus Station

Police Report Filed in Honduras April 2019

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