Extortion and Threats: Force My Son to Join a Gang

I have been a victim of extortion

            since 2013.

The gangs force me to pay different amounts.

            The first time 5,000 Lempiras. [$205 US]

            Then they got me down to 2,000 Lempiras. [$82 US]

The amounts and dates vary.

            They take everything I have.

If I don’t pay the money

            These gangs told me

They will take my son.

            They will force him to join their gang.

My son is 16.

My son goes to school.

The gangs told him to forget the family.

            To join the gang.

If I don’t keep paying the money

            They will take my son.

Since my son is not yet of age

            I am here to make a complaint on his behalf.

Please help me to make the necessary investigations.

                                    Mother 4-15-19 At the Greyhound Bus Station

Police Report Filed in Honduras April 2019

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