My Daughter Suffered

Mariposa: The Symbol of Freedom

My daughter suffered

            in the hielera and then the perrera.

When we cross the river.

            Immigration found us.

They kept us outside for three hours.

            I asked for asylum.

Then they brought us to the hielera.

            I asked to see a doctor

            for my daughter.



They fingerprinted us.

The immigration officer spoke badly to us.



Then they separated us.

            My daughter and me.

When they took me back to her again

            My daughter was crying.


It was very cold in the hielera.

            My daughter got sick.

I asked to see a doctor.



            My daughter had a fever

                        and a sore throat.

But no doctor.


Then they took us to the perrera.

            The food was bad.

            And they did not treat us well.

Many bad things happened with my daughter.

            It was a very bad place.


But God is always with me.

Thanks to my heavenly Father

            we survived the bad experience.

All honor and glory to my father in heaven.


                                    Mother Seeking Asylum 4-4-17

                                    Greyhound Bus Station, San Antonio 4-4-17

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