My Daughter Suffered

Mariposa: The Symbol of Freedom My daughter suffered             in the hielera and then the perrera. When we cross the river.             Immigration found us. They kept us outside for three hours.             I asked for asylum. Then they brought us to the hielera.             I asked to see a doctor             for my daughter.... Continue Reading →

Strength and Courage

My Journey to the USA I do not know where             my strength and courage come from.  But I do know             my son makes me stronger. He refreshes me again and again. For my son             I have strength to endure             and to persevere. No matter what the risk             my son gives... Continue Reading →

God is With Us

God is with us. God helped us to arrive safely. God gives us life. God gives us light. He is our Pastor. * Without God We are nothing. God gives us Life Health Strength. God helped us to arrive here Safe. God is with us. Always. Maria 3-15-16 My Journey from There to Here

A Letter to Mr. President

Esteemed Mr. President, I supposed that there is a much better world for the persons who are mistreated. There is so much violence in our country El Salvador. I want our lives to be very different without fear. The is a much better world. Some place safe. Free from fear. Teenager 3-15-16 My (Kids) Journey... Continue Reading →

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