Impossible Situations


God Loves Me

Impossible Situations

I am here with my children

and my husband.

We are Salvadoran.

We left our country

to save our lives.

September 23, 2019.

We believed we could come

to the United States

and be safe.


The journey was harsh


full of sadness.

We crossed the river legally.

We handed ourselves over

to immigration.

But they returned us

to Mexico.


Immigration said

they would take us

to a shelter

in Mexico.

It was a lie.

We had to find a shelter



We were frightened


discriminated against

By immigration.

We had no idea what to do.


Pastor Lorenzo was our

saving grace.

He brought food for everyone.

He gives shelter and warmth

to anyone he finds.

People whose names I do not even know

help us.

They bring us what we need.


We don’t dare leave this shelter.

Drug traffickers are all around.

They kidnap migrants.

We are living in

so much fear.


We arrived October 17, 2019.

We had our first court date yesterday

December 3, 2019.

The judge did not approve our case.

They walked us back across the bridge.

They left us at the Mexico immigration station.


Men were hanging around outside.

They call them “watchers.”

They work for the cartel.

They watch for migrants to kidnap.

They took pictures of my children.

Most of them were watching my oldest.

She is thirteen.


We are so afraid.

We are in anguish.

We don’t know what to do.

We hope to be heard.

Whoever reads this letter:

Please help us.


We ask God to keep and bless

everyone in this migrant shelter


Impossible Situations.

Mother in a Migrant Shelter

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

December 4, 2019

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