I Am Their Mother

I asked immigration for information about my children. Immigration took my children when we crossed the border. They wouldn’t tell me where they are. They wouldn’t let me talk to them. * I passed the credible fear examination. They told me I was leaving detention. I asked about my children. Nothing. The day I left... Continue Reading →

My Prayer

  Thank you Father. Thank you for caring for me for my family for my daughter And for all those who traveled with us. Thanks for all you have done for me and for my daughter. * Pardon me if I offend you. You know we are not perfect. We commit errors. To you I... Continue Reading →

Impossible Situations

  Impossible Situations I am here with my children and my husband. We are Salvadoran. We left our country to save our lives. September 23, 2019. We believed we could come to the United States and be safe. * The journey was harsh difficult full of sadness. We crossed the river legally. We handed ourselves... Continue Reading →

Fleeing Domestic Violence

I suffered much domestic violence physical abuse emotional abuse from my partner. He did drugs. I suffered from depression panic attacks constant fear I took legal action. I got a restraining order. He disobeyed. He pursued me. In my home to continue his violent abuse. * I called the police. He was taken away. Locked... Continue Reading →

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