A Better Future

My concern is to give my son a better future. I do not want to fail. I do not want to return. It would humiliate me. and also my son. * There is so much violence in my country. I want a good life for my son. A safe life. * I ask God to... Continue Reading →

The Longings of a Mother

My longing is to go to the U.S. to gather all my children together to have a better future. I want them to have an education so when I am no longer alive they can defend themselves. And also my grandchildren. I want them to have a happy life without violence. I do not want... Continue Reading →

My Travel Log

We left my house the 3rd of August at 5 in the morning. Monday. My son and I. * We arrived at the first place I do not know the name. We left from there at 2 a.m. We stayed one night. We ate dinner. We left at 6 a.m. for Vera Cruz. We left... Continue Reading →

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