Yes! It Was a Very Bad Trip!

A very bad trip

It is a difficult story

recounting my trip.

We left my house

the 9th of August

at four in the afternoon.

I left my mother and father.

It already is difficult

without them in my life

or in my son’s life.

But we are fleeing death.

We are desperate.

We had to leave.


Mexico was a very bad walk.

We conducted ourselves like animals

not like the persons we are.

Without eating.

Without sleeping.

With thirst.

We only traveled at night.


Now that I have endured

the reality of the trip

I would say to mothers:

“Do not expose your children.

You have little understanding

of this difficult trip.”

Maybe it is better

to die in your own country


to die in a place where you have

no family


there are missing bodies


the animals ate them.

Yes! It was a very bad trip!

Mother 9-9-15

My Journey from There to Here


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