My Trip from Guatemala

The journey

My trip began

Saturday, August 16th

I came with my daughter.

El Salvador is our home.


We spent one night in Guatemala.

We slept.

We left the next afternoon

to begin the long walk

to the borderlands.


I came with good friends

another mother making the journey.

It’s a shame because

we became separated.

I felt very sad.


We arrived to Monterrey.

We stayed one night.

We arrived in Reynosa.

We stayed one night and one day.

Then we walked to the gate

to cross the border.


Now we are here.

All is good


We have food.


My daughter goes to school.

I am sad when she is at school.

But she is happy.

I give her a little kiss

and wait to see her

when school is over.


This is the story of my trip from Guatemala.

to safety

in the United States.

Mother 9-9-15

My Journey from There to Here

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