Twenty Days of Suffering

20 days of suffering

We left on August third.

It was very hard to leave

my house

my home.

It cost me much to leave my family.


I have nothing left there.

Only a sense; a feeling of home.

Everyone is gone.


The fourth of August

the bus crossed into Mexico.

Then the journey became very difficult.

We traveled only at night

so the delinquents

would not be able

to find us.

My two younger daughters came with me.

My oldest daughter stayed home.


We did not have enough water.

They told me to carry my own rations

and also for my daughters.

Our shoes were full of dirt.

During the journey

we had to hide in fear

many times.

It was fear beyond all fear.


We experienced twenty days of suffering.

Then the hielera.

Then they brought us here.

Family detention.

Thanks to God we are safe.

Mother 9-9-15

My Journey from There to Here

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