My Trip from Guatemala

My trip began Saturday, August 16th I came with my daughter. El Salvador is our home. * We spent one night in Guatemala. We slept. We left the next afternoon to begin the long walk to the borderlands. * I came with good friends another mother making the journey. It’s a shame because we became... Continue Reading →

Twenty Days of Suffering

We left on August third. It was very hard to leave my house my home. It cost me much to leave my family. But I have nothing left there. Only a sense; a feeling of home. Everyone is gone. * The fourth of August the bus crossed into Mexico. Then the journey became very difficult.... Continue Reading →

I Have Great Fear

It is good to arrive here. Safe. I do not want to return. I have great fear. They will kill me. They will kill my children. * Nothing more remains. Everyone is gone. My sister. My grandmother. My oldest child. My daughter. I want them to be here with me. They are dead. * I... Continue Reading →

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