Starting Over

My Journey

We left Honduras

to seek a new life.

Starting over

for a better future.

I have nothing left.

They took everything.

My daughter is 12 years old.


On the journey

we passed places

with fear and trembling.

I had so much fear


I heard the voice of God

in my head

telling me

“Do not be afraid.”


We left my mother home alone.

May God take care of her.

I do not want my mother taken from me.

I ask for the opportunity to work.

To pay for her doctors.

To pay for her medicines.

To pay for her transportation

to join us here.



Bless the people who helped us

to arrive safely here.

Bless the ones who help us

in this land.

Permit me to go quickly to my love

and to be able to bring my daughter.


Mother 9-9-15

My Journey from There to Here


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