No One Can Sleep

The trip began at 3 a.m. I arrived at immigration 20 days later. I came with my daughter. * I felt freedom in the long walk leaving behind so much suffering. But The walk is difficult. No one can sleep. Tired. Always tired. But Trusting in God We do not faint. Because Our Father is... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

We left Honduras to seek a new life. Starting over for a better future. I have nothing left. They took everything. My daughter is 12 years old. * On the journey we passed places with fear and trembling. I had so much fear but I heard the voice of God in my head telling me... Continue Reading →

Fearing for My Life

I left my country fearing for my life. And my daughter and my son. They are so beautiful. I love my children. I want to protect them. * I left to rescue them from delinquency and violence. The gangs only want to damage people. No more! Enough! * I ask God to guard me and... Continue Reading →

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