God Prepares Us

God Prepares Us God prepares us and teaches us marvelous things. * For the New Year I want blessings for the people I love. For the New Year I want to be free from ICE. * I give thanks to Father God who gave me the opportunity to fight to get out of here Quickly.... Continue Reading →

Remember the Good Memories

Remember the Good Memories In Honduras we celebrate Christmas with all of the family on the 24th of December. Christmas in my childhood was different. Now The Christmas Spirit Does not exist. * But In my family We did not lose the traditions. My grandmother always has the Christmas Spirit. She is responsible for all... Continue Reading →

I want Unforgettable Good Memories

I want Unforgettable Good Memories Christmas means the whole family being together red and green decorations visiting friends saying ‘Happy Christmas’ to all. * Decorating the house with lights. Shopping for new clothing to welcome the New Year. Decorating the house. Making bread with chicken to share with friends and family. * In my new... Continue Reading →

The Food is Special at Christmas

The Food is Special at Christmas Christmas colors are red and great But I prefer purple, gold, and blue. * The food is special and very important. Chicken and turkey tamales Special Sandwiches Potato salad Rice with vegetables Many deserts Many beverages Fruit * Visiting the family is important and very special. Visiting the church... Continue Reading →

Christmas Means…

Christmas Means… Tamales Friends and family The birth of Jesus Decorating the Christmas tree Greeting friends and family. * My dreams are for my children To live in this country safe without fear. I pray for blessings from Jesus Christ. Mother 12-1-15 My Favorite Christmas  

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