We Were Lucky

An energetic art session with children during "Art Inside Karnes." We were lucky.             We traveled by bus. My sister paid for the trip.             I came with my two children. My sister sent $1,000             to pay for the guide             to cross the river. Then immigration picked us up. We were locked in... Continue Reading →

We Had a Safe Trip

Three mothers share their art expression about their journey. Gracias a Dios.             We had a safe trip. I came with two of my children.             They are 12 and 13. My oldest child stayed in Honduras.             She is 21. I am worried for my family there.             Every day their lives are in... Continue Reading →

Trying To Get My Family Together

Trying To Get My Family Together My husband lives in Dallas. My son is in El Salvador.             He is a U.S. citizen. Immigration forced him back to El Salvador.             My husband is here.             He is a U.S. citizen. Our daughter made the trip with me.             She is 2-1/2 years old. We... Continue Reading →

Will We Be Locked Up Forever?

Created by a mother while detained (ultimately for 13 months with three children). I had a court date Monday.             Two days ago. The judge will not deport me.             But the judge will not release me. We have been locked up a long time.             Seven months. I have three children.             They are... Continue Reading →

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