Extortion & Death Threats

Extortion & Death Threats

Since March 2015

            I have had so many problems.


            Death Threats.

The gangs threatened

            To take me.

            To take my son.

If I did not give them the money

            I earn from my job in sales.

I am the sole provider for my son.

            To survive; I must work.


The gangs forbid me

            to leave the territory.

They have to look for me

            for extortion

            for murder.

I could not remain any longer.

            It was impossible to survive.


It is true in my country

            El Salvador.

The gangs are the ones with the power.

The gangs hold power over


They told me:

            ‘If you do not give us

            everything we ask for

            you will bleed.’


I have two sons.

            Only one came with me.

The other one is a little older.

            He is stronger.

It is more necessary

            for the little one and me

To escape to safety.

                        Mother 9-14-16My Case for Asylum

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