Welcome to the USA

Christ Strengthens Me.

I came with my daughter.

            She is 11 years old.

We arrived here Wednesday.

Last Friday we arrived at the

            Border Station.


It was very cold.

            We slept on the floor.

            It was hard and cold.

We ate warm burritos

            morning * lunch * and again in the afternoon.

My daughter ate better food.

            She had corn

            a piece of chicken

            and juice.


The people spoke to us

            in rude and commanding ways.

I was very nervous

            on my journey from the border

            to family detention.

I wondered if it would be the same

            Or worse.

Now that I am here

            I am very happy.


They show us a lot of care.


My daughter loves the school.


I am praying to be allowed

            to go to Los Angeles, California.

To be with my father

            and several other family members.

I want to learn English.

I want to find a good job.

I want to work for my family.


Whatever Christ wants…

We want to live together.

            As a family.

                                    Mother 10-26-16 My First 7 Days in the USA

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