It Was Very Cold

God has given me everything.

The first day we arrived

            they took us to the hielera—the cooler.

It was very strange.

            Cold. Very cold.

Without bathing.

Without food.


The next day

            they gave me a sandwich.

We were in that place

            two days.


Then they took us to

            the perrera—the dog kennel.

There it was a little bit different.

They gave us different food.

They gave us a mat to sleep on

            and a paper that was like

Aluminum foil

            for a blanket.


They did not let me bathe.

            Five days passed.



It was very terrible for me

            all that happened there.


Then they took me here.

It was much better.

They received me well here.

            I took a bath.

            I brushed my hair.

After many days of being homeless

            here I have food

            here I have a place to sleep.

I can bathe every day.

They gave me changes of clothing.




The only thing that is bad

            I am closed up

And unable to be with my family.

But God has given me everything

            for he helps me always.

Soon our Lord Jesus Christ

            will draw me from this place.

                                    Mother 10-26-16 My First 7 Days in the USA

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