It Was A Test

We are here to request asylum.

It was very strange

            to explain

            so much

            to immigration.

It was a test.

They asked for my identification

            for me

            for my daughter.

Then they took us

            to the hielera—the cooler.

They brought us food.

            We were there three days.

            We slept on the floor.

My daughter cried

            for three days.

They gave us a frozen sandwich to eat

            and juice.

It was very cold.

                                    Mother 10-26-16 My First 7 Days in the USA

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  1. So very sad that so many Americans do not understand why it is important that we take in refugees and that they deserve humane treatment from our government. Somedays, I feel like maybe we should just take down the Statue of Liberty if that is how we are going to treat immigrants from other nations.


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