My First Week in the USA

Crossing the river took             approximately one hour. Then I arrived at immigration.             We were looking for them But they found us first. * They took 9 of us in some cars             to the hielera. The night passed.             We had no food.             Nothing. In the morning they gave us             bread... Continue Reading →

It Was Very Cold

God has given me everything. The first day we arrived             they took us to the hielera—the cooler. It was very strange.             Cold. Very cold. Without bathing. Without food.             Nothing. The next day             they gave me a sandwich. We were in that place             two days. * Then they took us to... Continue Reading →

It Was A Test

We are here to request asylum. It was very strange             to explain             so much             to immigration. It was a test. They asked for my identification             for me             for my daughter. Then they took us             to the hielera—the cooler. They brought us food.             We were there three days.            ... Continue Reading →

We Are Content Here

We Are Content Here I like it here             in the United States. We are content here             my daughter and I. God gave me the opportunity             to be here. To give my daughter             a good education             a safe place to play                  a place where we can be Content.                                     MotherHome... Continue Reading →

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