They Assassinated My Husband

They Assassinated My Husband We decided to leave             my son and my niece Because             they assassinated my husband. There is so much violence             in my country. We are not safe. * We left from our country             August 3, 2015 Without knowing what to expect.             But we trust our Heavenly Father.... Continue Reading →

Death Threats & Extortion

Death Threats & Violence I cannot remain in my country.             Death threats and violence. It is not safe for my children. We arrived here January 15, 2016. * I hope to be able to remain here             with my children. I trust in Jehovah God.                         Mother 1-20-16Ya! Me voy! [Enough! I go!]

Threatened To Death

Threatened to Death My name is Katy.             I am twenty years old. I left my home because I was             threatened to death. I was afraid that evil would happen to me             and to my son. I do not want to return to my country. I have fear for myself.             I have... Continue Reading →

To End Their Suffering

To End Their Suffering I knew that my children would sufferT             on the long journey But It would only be for a few days And It would end their suffering. * If We stayed in our country Yes The suffering would never end. * We left on January 5, 2016. We arrived January 11,... Continue Reading →

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