Death Threats & Extortion

Death Threats & Violence I cannot remain in my country.             Death threats and violence. It is not safe for my children. We arrived here January 15, 2016. * I hope to be able to remain here             with my children. I trust in Jehovah God.                         Mother 1-20-16Ya! Me voy! [Enough! I go!]

Threatened To Death

Threatened to Death My name is Katy.             I am twenty years old. I left my home because I was             threatened to death. I was afraid that evil would happen to me             and to my son. I do not want to return to my country. I have fear for myself.             I have... Continue Reading →

To End Their Suffering

To End Their Suffering I knew that my children would sufferT             on the long journey But It would only be for a few days And It would end their suffering. * If We stayed in our country Yes The suffering would never end. * We left on January 5, 2016. We arrived January 11,... Continue Reading →

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