My Motivation for Asylum: My Two Babies

Quien Soy? (Who Am I?) Art/Reflection

I have two babies.

They are my motivation for seeking asylum.

I had a bad childhood.

            I suffered much.

My mother was gone all day.

She worked to pay for food and shelter.

She left me with her friend.

            He sexually abused me.

            I was seven.


Later, when my mother got sick

            she left me with another man.

            She had a tumor.

                        Very large.

He beat me.


Later, when I was older,

            I stayed with my mother.

He beat me again.

I lost my unborn daughter.


Now I have two daughters.

            I never mistreat them.

My daughters are my motivation for life.

They are my motivation for asylum.

I want them to have a




So we are here to request safety.

            We are here to request asylum.

                                    Mother 7-23-15

                                    Quien Soy? Who Am I?

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