Alone in My Suffering

Art Reflection on Hope: Past, Present, and Future I was sad and alone in my suffering.             Physical.             Psychological.             Emotional. I suffered so much.             He abused my body. * But soon God gave me the strength to leave.             God is good to me.             God is my strength.             God is... Continue Reading →

Three Letters Home

To My Love: Letters Home To my Mamá:             Hello Mother.             I hope you are very well.             I want so badly for us             to be together soon.             I love you.             You are the best mother                         in the world.             I pray God blesses you.                         Today.            ... Continue Reading →

My Motivation for Asylum: My Two Babies

Quien Soy? (Who Am I?) Art/Reflection I have two babies. They are my motivation for seeking asylum. I had a bad childhood.             I suffered much. My mother was gone all day. She worked to pay for food and shelter. She left me with her friend.             He sexually abused me.             I was seven.... Continue Reading →

For My Daughter

Art reflection: Who Am I? First and Foremost:             I am a mother. I name this first because             it matters most. Marcia is important!             She is my daughter. * I grew up without a mother. She abandoned me             and my four siblings. I learned how important it is to have a mother... Continue Reading →

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