Five Horrible Days in the Hielera

It was very sad. We suffered so much. The hielera was horrible. So very cold. No blankets. We didn’t bathe. We didn’t even brush our teeth. It’s a horrible place. Horrible. Everyone was crowded small, cramped, tight very cold It’s a horrible place. We suffered much in the hielera. Father, October 25, 2018 Our Arrival... Continue Reading →

Everything Changed

In our country there is no security. There are many problems. Insecurity. Delinquency. Each day is worse. * Since the loss of my brother the brother of my heart I lost part of my life. When he was no longer with us no longer part of my life everything changed. * Everything changed. I lost... Continue Reading →

They Kill Without Pity

I have much fear of returning to my country. They kill without pity. I cannot do anything there to protect my children. There is so much gun fighting. If they like you they do not kill you. Otherwise they kill you. There is so much violence. I left because the evil man wants to kill... Continue Reading →

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