You Have Only One Life to Live

One life to live

The father of my daughter

beat me

and also my daughter.


I left my house!

It no longer has a hold on me.

He no longer will beat us.

My daughter and I will be safe.


He is a narcotics trafficker.

He threatened my family.

He threatened me.

He abused me.

He drugged me.

He beat me whenever he felt like it.

I have had much fear

for a long, long, long time.


I have so much fear of him.

Because of him

I cannot return to Honduras.

I left December 17th.

I arrived January 2nd.


I knew the trip would be risky


You have only one life to live

and also your children.

I want my daughter to live

so we came to ask for asylum.

Mother 1-20-16

Ya! Me voy! [Enough! I go!]

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