A Very Difficult Trip

The journey begins

I am 24.

My daughter is 6.

We are from El Salvador.

We took the hardest route.

The trip started with 15 people.

Not everyone made it.


We had to cross a river

to get to Mexico.

There was

fear in my heart.

I imagined:

the boat would overturn.


thanks to God

we made it.

All went well.

We arrived in Mexico.


We stayed two nights at a ranch.

Filled with fleas.

We had two days with no food.

My daughter asked me for food.

I had none to give her.

I cried so much.


I advise people to think

long and hard


making this journey.

It is a very difficult trip.


Full of suffering.

The easiest part is finding immigration.

Mother 3-15-16

My Journey

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