Abused by a Person without Scruples

Confio I Trust

April 23, 2011.

The date a lady never forgets.


A person without scruples

A person without morals

Nor ethics

Abused me.


Without peace in my heart

Without wanting to continue to live

This day altered my life forever.


I did not want to be pregnant.

God is always with me.

God helped me to accept

the little challenge growing in my belly.


I received news that the challenge would be born

in January.

But the problem in the center of my bellow

decided to be born

one  month  early.

The arrival of my daughter

changed everything.


For two years this person without scruples

abused me

harassed me

threatened me.

He told me that if I did not collaborate with him

he would damage me

and my daughter.

The truth is: I have much fear.

Mother 9-14-16

My Case for Asylum

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