The Hielera was Horrible

A father shared his experience upon arrival to the US to request asylum:

Fathers at San Antonio bus station.

The hielera was horrible.


We ate frozen sandwiches.

We drank Aqua Pura.

Five days.

We did not bathe.

We could not brush our teeth.


Sleeping on the floor.



Very, very cold.

My daughter suffered.

The hielera is a horrible place.



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    1. Thanks! I did art as spiritual care (a variation of art therapy) inside an immigrant family detention center (2015-2016) until ICE rescinded my security clearance and shut down the all-volunteer program 12-15-16. The art created by the families which is included in this blog is from 2015-2016. I continue to volunteer with the families once they have been released from family detention. Their more recent testimonies are from my time with the families at the bus station, and I include one of my photos to set the context. Sometimes I do art with the children at the bus station, but my main priority is being a loving, kind, caring ministry of presence (with or without art).


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