I Am a Mother

  I am a mother. I have a beautiful son. He is 6 years old. I made the decision to come to the United States for him. * I want to help my son prepare to be A person of value in life. My son is my reason for living. I want to be able... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother

I liked to play with my friends with my cousins. I liked to lay jump rope. I liked to walk To my grandmother’s house. I miss her. I love her very much. With all my heart I Love Her. I want to love her Always. 9-year-old girl 3-10-15 Memories from Home

My Life Was Hell

The father of my baby Hurt me. I suffered much violence. He beat me. I lost my first baby. * In the course of time . . . I would forgive him. It was always the same. My             life             was             Hell. * The last time he almost killed me. So much violence.... Continue Reading →

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