I Feel Very Depressed

Timeline_The Big Picture
Timeline: The Big Picture

I Feel Very Depressed

We arrived October 2, 2015.

13 days ago.

I trust in God to leave here



Here they treat us very well.

Only step into my room:

It is large.

I share it with my daughter.

It is on the ground floor.


We arise early to give thanks to God.

Then breakfast.

Then we do our bathroom.

Then we play in the park.


Sometimes I feel very sad.

Especially comments from

the other mothers.

For example:

My interview for asylum

was very short.

Less than one hour.

Our friend commented:

“When someone has

a short interview

it is because

they do not pass.”


I feel very depressed.


I have faith in my God.

All will go very well.

Mother 10-14-15


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