My Violent Country

I live in El Salvador. All the world thinks they know The situation in my country. * It is a very violent country. We have fear to leave the house Because You never know If you can return. * We left our country because My family had death threats. My husband Myself. Our daughter. *... Continue Reading →

Insecurity and Violence

In my country El Salvador Insecurity and violence Grow Bigger Every Day. A wave of violence is unleashed Over as little as 50 cents. * There is fear to leave for work in the morning and more fear To leave to return home from work in the evening. * The gangs extort. The gangs assault.... Continue Reading →

The Suffering of Immigrants

During the course of my trip I learned much about the suffering of Immigrants. * Large trucks. Many languages. Different countries and regions. Traveling together. * Many people along the road offered their wares for sale. Some were from the underside of humanity. They want to hurt and delay you from your purpose. * One... Continue Reading →

My Little Angel

Thank God For giving me my Little Angel my son. * There is no God as great as you. You are the God who is able to be Marvelous. * Thank you for Health Breath Life Water Food. Thank you for keeping us safe. Mother 4-13-16 What would you say?

I Feel Very Depressed

I Feel Very Depressed We arrived October 2, 2015. 13 days ago. I trust in God to leave here soon. * Here they treat us very well. Only step into my room: It is large. I share it with my daughter. It is on the ground floor. * We arise early to give thanks to... Continue Reading →

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