My Story of Love

Valentine's Day Art Reflection

The love of God has been

over me

over my family


has manifested itself


I feel God’s love by

The gift of seeing a new day

for breath

for life

for arriving here safe and sound



Beloved God

I give thanks

for the persons who have

shown me love.


My beautiful children

My two sons

My pretty princess

who is not with me here.


I have her present

in my heart and mind.



I give thanks for

My beautiful parents

My sister

My aunt and uncle

My oldest sister who is strong.

And to all of my family.

I have learned so much

from each one.

They have been there for me

to lean on during the good

and also during the bad.


The family and God

are beautiful.

They are the reason and hope

to leave here quickly.

They hold me in prayer.

And I remember,

God is with us.


Mother 2-10-18

My Love Story

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