The Desire of my Heart

Collection of ATCs being Made
A collection of ATCs being made.


I thank God.

He gave me life.

He gave my daughter life.


I love her

with all my heart.


I am very agreeable

with the people in this place.

They treat me very well.

and also

my daughter.

God Bless them.


The desire of my heart is

to continue to have good health


for my daughter to stay well.

Over all

I want to have God

always in my heart.


For the New Year

In the name of God I declare:

I am going to complete

the desires of my heart.

all will come out well.

In the name of God I declare:

The New Year

will be very happy.

full of blessings for us.



I ask God to reunite us

with our family


in the United States.


for my daughter

to be

very happy.


Mother 12-30-15

Espero Año Felicidad

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