Happy and Sad

Christmas Collage

First, I give thanks to God for health.

Staying healthy is a great blessing.


I am a little happy because

They gave us gifts.

I give them many thanks.

But I also am sad because

I am not with my family.

It is my first Christmas without family.

Always, I am sad.

It is not Christmas

Without the family.


I want to spend 2016 in the U.S.

With my family here.

I ask God to guard my family

In Honduras.

I ask God to bring me safely to my family

In the U.S.


It is not pretty be kept from your family.

Not to lay with your cousins.

Not to be together with family.

I ask to be with my family in the New Year.

Jennifer 12-30-15


Espero Año Felicidad


2 thoughts on “Happy and Sad

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  1. Dear Helen,     Thank you so much for all you did with the women at the bus station the other day!  They so enjoyed the activities and it kept them in the spirit of the Christmas season.      Happy New Year!  I’m sorry I did not get to say goodbye.  Blessings.Peace and joy,Sharon Altendorf, PBVM


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