Christmas was a Dream

Christmas ATC

In Honduras

Christmas was a dream.

We spent it with family.

My grandmother cooked all day.


Chicken sandwiches.


French Fries.

Whatever we needed

My grandmother cooked.


The family all came together.

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.


We were short my mother and father.


I always enjoyed Christmas.

It was the most beautiful season.

The trees.

The desserts.

Everything decorated.

Red and green.


Well, there is much now

Not the same.

Because of violence and fear.

Last year was a horrible Christmas.

The violence changed everything.


Now that I am an adult

I must deal with

All the problems.

My sister’s death.

Sadness for my family.

Everything has changed.

Nothing is the same.


I give thanks to God

For my life

For my daughter

For my family

For loving me.

Mother 12-1-15

                        My Favorite Christmas

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