Christmas Never Happened

It was a Christmas that never happened. Far from family. Well, with my mother. But, no one else. * But, equally I am happy to finish one more year of life. * My plans were never these to immigrate to the United States But, well They treat us very well here (family detention). I don’t... Continue Reading →

Happy and Sad

First, I give thanks to God for health. Staying healthy is a great blessing. * I am a little happy because They gave us gifts. I give them many thanks. But I also am sad because I am not with my family. It is my first Christmas without family. Always, I am sad. It is... Continue Reading →

Separated from My Father

First, I give thanks to God For allowing me to be in this place. To spend Christmas in the United States. We shared much together here. They gave us pretty gifts. It was incredible! It was a fun Christmas. * But it also was a sad Christmas. We were separated from my father. He is... Continue Reading →

Christmas was Very Sad

Christmas was very sad Because It was my first Christmas Away from my mother Away from my extended family. * I give thanks For one more year of life. I give thanks always For looking after my family. For looking after my friends. For looking after my son. * I ask in the New Year... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Honduras

My last Christmas in Honduras was very nice because of love. The love my family has for each other. * We make tamales with chicken. We decorate a tree with many pretty ornaments. * Christmas was nicer when I had my mother But now I do not have her. It is not the same. *... Continue Reading →

Christmas Past and Present

Christmas means Celebrating with Friends Family. Going to church together. At midnight we return home. We share much food. Tamales. Sandwiches with honey and chicken. * This Christmas I want to be happy with my aunts and sister. in the United States. I want my daughter and me to be together Always. Mother 12-16-15 Honduras... Continue Reading →

Christmas was a Dream

In Honduras Christmas was a dream. We spent it with family. My grandmother cooked all day. Tamales Chicken sandwiches. Tacos French Fries. Whatever we needed My grandmother cooked. * The family all came together. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. Always We were short my mother and father. * I always enjoyed Christmas. It was the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

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