My Courage is Why I am Here

Courage ATC
My Story of Courage ATC

I first thought of making

the journey

September 2015

Four months ago.


My courage is why I am here.

It too courage

to leave my grandparents

to leave my mother

to leave my brothers and sisters.

I knew I was embarking on

a difficult trip.

Long and dangerous.


It was very difficult

giving birth to my daughter

n the mountains

along the journey.

Danger was everywhere.


It took courage

to spend Christmas


Without my family.

locked up.

Far from home.


I left my country

because of delinquency.

I want to give my daughter

a better future

beside my father

her grandfather

in the U.S.A.

My brother is here.

My niece is here.

I want to be surrounded

by people

who love us

very much.

Mother 1-13-16

My Story of Courage

God is with Me Art/Reflection
Written layer: My Story of Courage


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