A Weeping Mother Shares Her Story

  I came from my country for many reasons. He told me if I did not do what he said he would kill my daughter. He told me I would witness everything. Her death. We left quickly to begin a new life. Safe. Mother 11-2-16 My Case for Asylum

My Story of Courage

I had courage to leave my country in fear. *But My daughter is the love of my life. My daughter is more important than fear. * During the trip we experienced much adversities. We went through foreign places. Alone. Knowing no one to depend * Walking with a baby is very difficult. *But Thanks to... Continue Reading →

My Courage is Why I am Here

I first thought of making the journey September 2015 Four months ago. * My courage is why I am here. It too courage to leave my grandparents to leave my mother to leave my brothers and sisters. I knew I was embarking on a difficult trip. Long and dangerous. * It was very difficult giving... Continue Reading →

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