My Trip of Tears

A refugee boy shares the story of his journey.

My Trip of Tears

We made the hard decision

To leave our country.


All our family.

I could not stop crying

On my long trip

From Honduras

For I missed my family.

I mourned for them in my heart.

We walked






Then I found a man

He accompanied us.

He brought us to a lady at Chiapas.

She gave us food.

She gave me a bath.

She said she would protect us.

We slept in a bed that night.

Thanks to God we were finally able to sleep.


We followed her directions

The next day

We slept in a park.

Without food.

My son said to me,

“I am hungry.”

I had nothing to give him.

No food.

God put another man in our path

Who guided us.

And helped us.

Thanks to God.


We arrived at a house

to ask for food.

A good couple gave us food.

Already it had been ten days since

We left my house.

Sleeping in the park.

Or in the mountains.

But God never left us.


I ask God for

Continued blessings




Mother 8-15-16

My Journey from There to Here


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