My Humble (Travel) Story


Butterfly detailMy Humble Story: My Journey to the USA

I left El Salvador


My pretty daughter.


We left on a bus for Guatemala.

8 people joined us.




It took 6 days to get through Mexico.

To the river.


We stayed locked inside

What they called:

“The Sister House”

One day and one night.


We had no money.

We were desperate.

My daughter cried.


she did not want

to be there.


We left in trucks.

They put 60 people inside.



I don’t know which cities we passed.

We saw nothing.


We spent 30 hours in the trailer.

No food.

They brought water

Only 2 times.

Very small.

Only a little left for my daughter.


My daughter cried desperately.

No water.

No food.

The heat inside the trailer made it

Difficult to breathe.


We arrived at a house in Reynosa.

We stayed 3 days.

We crossed the river.

I was brave.

Mother 3-15-16

My Journey from There to Here

Mariposa: Butterfly


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  1. If my daughter and her children had to make this type of sacrifice to make it more likely that the children would LIVE … how would I feel if the response when she got to her “haven” was detention and return ?? My heart cries for these women and children and their extended families – how can we care so little that a “system” is more important than the people in it?


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