Family Matters Most

Family Matters Most My trip began June 29, 2015. We left at 5 in the morning. It cost me much to leave my mother. She is most important in my life. Immediately, in a few hours already we arrived in Guatemala. My daughter came with me. Chiga. She is my comfort. * Each instant my... Continue Reading →

My Humble (Travel) Story

  My Humble Story: My Journey to the USA I left El Salvador With My pretty daughter. * We left on a bus for Guatemala. 8 people joined us. Children. Adults. * It took 6 days to get through Mexico. To the river. * We stayed locked inside What they called: “The Sister House” One... Continue Reading →

Problems with the Gangs

Problems with the Gangs I left because I had Problems With the gangs I need to protect My Children They are my reason to live. I want to give them A better life A safe life. I only hope they help me here The people in this country The United States. I thank God We... Continue Reading →

With the Help of God

With the Help of God I left my country where there is Insecurity Fear With the help of my God With hope With faith I said, “Yes, we must go.” In my heart I have Peace Joy Soon we will leave here (immigrant family detention) Soon I will go to be with my family. God... Continue Reading →

The Angels Protect Me

The Angels Protect Me Enough! I go! Sad. But with the angels Who protect me. Sad. Leaving my roots. Leaving my family. But It comforts me to give My daughter A better life. I have faith in God They Will not Be able to Beat Me. Mother 8-26-15  

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