Our Journey: 8 Days in a House

Our Journey from El Salvador
Watercolor with butterfly stencil creates the background for a mother’s story about her journey from El Salvador to the U.S.

Our Journey: 8 Days in a House

On our journey from home to here

We stayed

8 days

In a house.

Locked up.

They gave us breakfast and lunch.

20 people

Including children.

We suffered much.

I had no money.

My son cried.

He did not want




We left in a truck.

We spent 30 hours




We were desperate.

We could no breathe.

We arrived at Reynosa.



Three Days.

They took us to the River.

El Salvador is my home.

Maria 3-15-16


The mariposa (butterfly) is a powerful symbol of freedom for refugees seeking asylum.

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