Oramos [We Pray] Prayers of the Mothers

Salvation for the World

A mother expresses her desire for the entire world to experience salvation.

Oramos (We Pray) Prayers of the Mothers

Holy God, no words can express our gratitude

For all that you have done

For us.

Thank you for





Thank you for life.

We pray for wisdom.

We ask for courage and faith

As we face uncertainty for our futures.

We pray for our children and our grandchildren.

We pray they will know and trust YOU.

We give our children to your care.

We pray they can live in a safe place

…without violence.

…without fear.

Bless our families.

Watch over our parents and grandparents…

…brothers and sisters

…children and husbands.

Lord, grant that we may have a family home

full of peace

full of love.

Thank you that you

never, never, never abandon us.

You are our strength.

You are our protection.

You are always with us.

Holy God,





[Translated from the prayers of the women from the art project “Oramos.”]

Oramos: We Pray
Prayers of a refugee for her son.
Oramos: Prayers of a Refugee Mother for Her Family
A refugee mother prays for her family.


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