We Left Everything Behind

We Left Everything Behind We left           Everything           Behind. Undertaking a very difficult trip Pain Risk Knowing what would happen… Making the             Dangerous             Trip. Thanks to God We received much                         help  ... Continue Reading →

Our Trip Took Almost Four Months

  Our Trip Took Almost Four Months It took almost four months to travel from Honduras to here. We lived in Mexico 3 months. My mother worked in a soup kitchen to make money to cross the Frontier (Borderlands). Then we left for the Frontier. Others joined us. We traveled in buses. Then we walked.... Continue Reading →

To See My Daughter Smile…

To See My Daughter Smile… There is so much violence in my country Guatemala. I want to work to give my daughter peace and safety. I want to see her play outside without fear of someone assaulting us and removing our belongings. I want to see my daughter smile . . . . Hermelinda 4-13-16... Continue Reading →

Stories of Courage to Seek Asylum

My Greatest Love My Greatest Love I have much to fear. I cannot return to my country. I fear for             My                         Greatest                                     Love                                                 My Daughter.  She and I have suffered much. The gangs want to             Violate                         And                                     Kill                                                 My Daughter. I asked God to help us…            ... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s (Day) Dream for Three Daughters

A Mother’s (Day) Dream for Three Daughters Written by an Immigrant Mother Seeking Asylum (while incarcerated in family detention) My hopes and dreams are              for my three daughters… I want them to be safe. I want them to be happy. I want them to be with persons who care for them…             …who respect... Continue Reading →

A Refugee Child Gives Thanks

I Give Thanks I give thanks to God             For Allowing Me To be here. I want God to help me             With my life With my childhood. Help my parents Help my family Help me to be             Someone In Life. Written by a child inside an immigrant family detention center.    

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