The Gang Robbed My Bank Account: They Took It All

Today I left the bank.             It was 1:20 in the afternoon. Three women were in front of the park.             They surrounded me.             They touched me.             They brought me to some men. The men touched me too. They told me to accompany them             back to the bank. I told them I... Continue Reading →

Extortion and Threats: Force My Son to Join a Gang

I have been a victim of extortion             since 2013. The gangs force me to pay different amounts.             The first time 5,000 Lempiras. [$205 US]             Then they got me down to 2,000 Lempiras. [$82 US] The amounts and dates vary.             They take everything I have. If I don’t pay the money            ... Continue Reading →

We Cannot Remain in Mexico

Migrant artwork created at Travis Park Church, San Antonio We cannot remain in Mexico any longer. We are in a very dangerous city. Nuevo Laredo. We fear for our lives. In addition, we face high levels of racism against us from Mexicans. They do not want us here. We suffered on the journey from Honduras.... Continue Reading →

What Happens Next?

Artwork from Travis Park Church migrant hospitality March -July 2019. When do I see a lawyer?             What happens next? When do I get asylum?             Where do I go?             What do I do? Who will help me?             When do I go to court? I can’t read the papers immigration gave us.            ... Continue Reading →

The Mean Man at Dilley

Artwork from Travis Park Church Migrant Hospitality March-July 2019 The clothes they gave me are too small.             The shoes don’t fit.             My feet stick out the back. When I asked the man at Dilley             for a bigger size He yelled at me. * The mean man at Dilley always shouts at us.... Continue Reading →

Horrible for My Daughter

Artwork from Travis Park Church Migrant Hospitality March-July 2019 The hielera was horrible for my daughter.             She is four years old. The food was bad.             And it was cold in there. My daughter cried and cried. I could do nothing to help her.             Nothing. We were in the hielera five days.            ... Continue Reading →

We Walked All the Way

A mother's story about her journey. We did not use a coyote. The coyote is expensive.             We walked alone. All the way through Mexico. I asked people to point the way. Then we walked. Then I asked the next people.             We followed their directions We walked all the way through Mexico.                                     Mother... Continue Reading →

We Did Not Use a Coyote

We traveled by bus.             It took eight days. I arrived at the border at Tijuana.             I asked for asylum. * I did not have enough money             to pay for a coyote. I don’t know how much it costs             but I did not have the money.                                     Mother Seeking Asylum 4-4-17                                    ... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Suffered

Mariposa: The Symbol of Freedom My daughter suffered             in the hielera and then the perrera. When we cross the river.             Immigration found us. They kept us outside for three hours.             I asked for asylum. Then they brought us to the hielera.             I asked to see a doctor             for my daughter.... Continue Reading →

Strength and Courage

My Journey to the USA I do not know where             my strength and courage come from.  But I do know             my son makes me stronger. He refreshes me again and again. For my son             I have strength to endure             and to persevere. No matter what the risk             my son gives... Continue Reading →

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