I Seek Safety

I seek safety from abuse: physical psychological. I seek safety for my children. We are escaping drugs alcohol violence persecution. I am afraid for my life. Mother 2-24-16                                     From Fear to Freedom

My Christmas Wish

I want there to be unforgettable Christmases in the U.S. I want to make memories of my family united together living tranquil lives full of joy free from persecution. My Christmas wish: to live in peace with my children. Safe. Mother 12-1-15 My Favorite Christmas

Fearing for My Life

I left my country fearing for my life. And my daughter and my son. So beautiful. I love my children. I want to protect them. *I left to rescue them from delinquency and violence. The gangs only want to damage people. No more! Enough! * I ask God to guard me and my daughter here... Continue Reading →

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