The Angels Protect Me

The Angels Protect Me Enough! I go!             Sad. But with the angels who protect me.             Sad. Leaving my roots. Leaving my family.             But It comforts me to give             my daughter             a better life. I have faith in God             They will             not             be able to beat me. Mother... Continue Reading →

The Heart Feels

The heart is the organ that feels all the pain all the sadness. I prefer to feel much love much joy. My heart is very healthy. My heart is very strong. I want to kill all the bad memories. I want to be happy. Mother 7-29-15 Letters Home

My Daughter Sabrina

I love my Sabrina She arrived to my house 16 years ago. I love my big girl. She is the beauty of my life. We left. We came here. I do not want her to suffer. I want to give my Sabrina a better life. Mother 7-29-15 Letters Home

I Give Thanks to God

First— I give thanks to God For permitting us to arrive here. Safe. It always has been a dream to come here. to our sister country. * The trip was difficult for my two children Jaciel and Jobson. They are my motivation to come to the U.S. to struggle for their safety to work for... Continue Reading →

For My Daughter

  First and Foremost: I am a mother. I name this first because it matters most. Marcia is important! She is my daughter. * I grew up without a mother. She abandoned me and my four siblings. I learned how important it is to have a mother because I did not have one. * My... Continue Reading →

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