I Fear for My Daughter

I fear for my daughter to be VIOLATED. * The gang took her private parts of my daughter in the streets her breasts. They shout vulgar words To my daughter And to me. * They came to our house. They pulled guns. They separated us… My daughter suffers Sexual Harassment DAILY. * The gangs use... Continue Reading →

They Ransacked My Store

I flee from Honduras. I am a person of Many years. I belong to community organizations To help To Protect My Neighbors. * For 10 years I owned A small clothing store. The delinquents Robbed My Store. 2012. * I took a loan To continue Working. Three years later… …they ransacked my store. Again. Leaving... Continue Reading →

A Mother Protecting Her Son

A Mother Protecting Her Son I am a mother who wants to protect her son. The gangs threatened him to death. First they molested him. then They robbed him 2 times. then They demanded extortion money. then They demanded he must leave school get a tattoo join the street gang. To my son they threatened... Continue Reading →

I Have a History of Courage

Thank you God. I have a history of courage. I thought to give my daughter a better life. My acts of bravery include loving the Lord over all things. The Lord gave me the opportunity to arrive safe. Thank you for helping me to overcome the struggles of each day. * Lord, I ask you... Continue Reading →

Courage to Leave Honduras

It took courage to leave Honduras. The long walk was not easy and saying goodbye to family was very difficult. We left Honduras Sunday, December 6, 2015. I was very sad and yet at the same time excited. I arrived to this country Thursday, December 18, 2015. Thank you God for the strength to leave... Continue Reading →

A New Future

Thanks to God for helping us to arrive safe. I left my country Dec. 21. We arrive here Dec. 29. Safe. * I ask God to help us continue to our family. Here in the U.S. * We give thanks to God that All goes well. We give thanks to God for giving me A... Continue Reading →

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