The Angels Protect Me

Enough! I go!             Sad. But with the angels who protect me.             Sad. Leaving my roots. Leaving my family.             But It comforts me to give             my daughter             a better life. SAFE. I have faith in God             They will             not             be able to beat me. Mother 8-26-15 Ya Me... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Dreams

My dreams are to see My children Grow up Strong, Healthy Happy. My dream is that they love God. * My dreams also are for All of the children of the world. To be happy. Not to suffer. To be together With Their Parents. * The same I ask for all my family To be... Continue Reading →

My Reasons for Leaving

My Reasons for Leaving I left Honduras Running in fear from my husband. I suffered much   domestic   violence. My children suffered too. Many times. The gangs molested my daughter. Many times. They did evil things to her. We have suffered enough. I am very sad when I remember all  the  suffering my   husband   caused. He... Continue Reading →

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