Starting Over

We left Honduras to seek a new life. Starting over for a better future. I have nothing left. They took everything. My daughter is 12 years old. * On the journey we passed places with fear and trembling. I had so much fear but I heard the voice of God in my head telling me... Continue Reading →

Fearing for My Life

I left my country fearing for my life. And my daughter and my son. They are so beautiful. I love my children. I want to protect them. * I left to rescue them from delinquency and violence. The gangs only want to damage people. No more! Enough! * I ask God to guard me and... Continue Reading →

Delinquency in My Country

I have fear Delinquency in my country. I cannot stay there. Delinquency means death. I have much fear To return to my country Delinquency means death. I ask to remain here Safe. In the name of the Lord My Christ. Amen. Mother 8-26-15 Ya Me Voy!

I Love My Country

I do not want to leave. I love my country. But I cannot live in it. I have much fear For my son For me Our lives run with danger. We came to be close To family. We came to the USA for A better future. A better education. A safe life. Mother 8-26-15 Ya... Continue Reading →

Fear of Dying

I left my country fear of dying threatened me. My daughter saw the blood. She saw the murderers. Enough! They killed my husband. Now we must go. * I am responsible for my mother. My father is dead. I have nothing for support in El Salvador. I want to work. I want to see my... Continue Reading →

God Prepares Us

God Prepares Us God prepares us and teaches us marvelous things. * For the New Year I want blessings for the people I love. For the New Year I want to be free from ICE. * I give thanks to Father God who gave me the opportunity to fight to get out of here Quickly.... Continue Reading →

Remember the Good Memories

Remember the Good Memories In Honduras we celebrate Christmas with all of the family on the 24th of December. Christmas in my childhood was different. Now The Christmas Spirit Does not exist. * But In my family We did not lose the traditions. My grandmother always has the Christmas Spirit. She is responsible for all... Continue Reading →

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