Insecurity and Violence

In my country El Salvador Insecurity and violence Grow Bigger Every Day. A wave of violence is unleashed Over as little as 50 cents. * There is fear to leave for work in the morning and more fear To leave to return home from work in the evening. * The gangs extort. The gangs assault.... Continue Reading →

The Suffering of Immigrants

During the course of my trip I learned much about the suffering of Immigrants. * Large trucks. Many languages. Different countries and regions. Traveling together. * Many people along the road offered their wares for sale. Some were from the underside of humanity. They want to hurt and delay you from your purpose. * One... Continue Reading →

My Little Angel

Thank God For giving me my Little Angel my son. * There is no God as great as you. You are the God who is able to be Marvelous. * Thank you for Health Breath Life Water Food. Thank you for keeping us safe. Mother 4-13-16 What would you say?

Problems with the Gangs

I left because I had problems with the gangs. I need to protect my children. They are my reason to live. I want to give them A better life A safe life. I only hope they help me here The people in this country The United States. I thank God we arrived.             Safe. Mother... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Gift

The greatest and most beautiful gift of my life my family. My children encouraged me not to faint To stand strong before the tests of life. My three children—sisters are gifts from God. * I also give thanks to the man I met Ervin. I love you. Mother 2-10-16 My Love Story

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